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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reflections II

"Reflections II" - 20"x28" - 2006

This piece began as an exercise, a personal challenge, to get across the color wheel from blue to yellow. A young decorator friend had given me books of fabric samples. The pieces from one in particular had a lot of blues and yellows with wonderful textures and plaids that I couldn't resist playing with.

I cut all the pieces the same rectangular size and played with their arrangements on my design board. Some of the pieces were cut in half to make a better composition and to help me obtain my goal. The plaids were a great transition between those two complementary colors. The orientation was horizontal in this process. It wasn't until the I was quilting that the piece began to reveal itself to be a city skyline reflected in a river with a smoggy sunset sky. You can see the added paint and pastels that emphasize the buildings and their reflections. I also used oil stick pastels to blend the upper pieces in the sky. Pastels were also used to extend lines of color into the backgound mat of moire fabric. The raised outside border is covered with the excess fabric trimmed from the four sides, so it too has the extension of pastel color lines.

The extended strands of floss (2-ply strands) that are the beginning and ending of each line of stitchings get one tiny dot of glue under it to hold it in place. This aura of colored threads is just as much a part of the composition as any other element and I want control of where they lie. Without it, those thread ends are a tangled mess. In the photo below they've been separated, but not yet adhered.

"Reflections II" is exhibited and for sale at MB Gallery in Chicago, Illinois.

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Kay said...

I like this very much--the skyline was immediately clear to me, but I didn't notice the fringey threads until you pointed them out. A great detail.
I was at Good Goods about three weeks ago. Was your piece there then? If so, I should kick myself.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, which I just discovered. I answered your question there.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

My question and Kay's reply can be found here:

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Well, my copying and pasting Kay's comment site on that particular weblog didn't work. Here's the link again:

Copy and paste, then delete any extra spaces I had to insert in the middle of it so it would all print out in this comment's space.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

OPPS! That doesn't work either. Go to Kay's site and to this posting, "
I finally have shaken myself into a bit of activity" to see what our exchange was about ... a neat piece made from Australian fabrics.

Finn said...

It's interesting how very "skyline" like it becomes as you go further into the process and project. Really a neat piece!