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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wild By Design

"Wild By Design" - 20"x 24" - 2003
This was the first crinkle quilt to be framed. Initially, it had non-glare glass to protect the surface. It was accepted and shown in a juried ART show with the glass. However, the texture and details of the stitches and patterns were obscured ... even when viewed up close.

This piece also was the first to feature the tail ends of the two-ply floss I use to do the quilting. This was my "airplane project" to work on while traveling to and from the "Wild By Design" symposium in Lincoln, Nebraska (hence the title for this work) in February, 2003. The beginning knot was near the end of the strand, but I had to leave a longer tail when I knotted off at the end of each line of stitching.
I could hardly wait to get it up on my design wall when I got home. Thankfully I was impatient and got it up before I had a chance to trim those scraggly tails away. I liked the aura of color that happened around the outside of the piece. Since then, I leave a long tail at the beginning knot as well as at the ending one.

"Wild By Design" is exhibited and for sale at MB Gallery in Chicago, Illinois.

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Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

You asked about the size of my pieces. The 1st is journal quilt size, 2nd 14x16 and the 3rd is 26x30something.

I enjoyed looking at your blog also. Your crinkled texture pieces are be-a-u-tiful.