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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Postcards From Michigan

Initially, I wasn't going to partake in this project of exchanging postcards within my Thursday Bee group in Tennessee. I didn't want to "jump on the bandwagon" of the so many quilters making postcards. However, I had a ball making six series of 4 featuring differing kinds of days, or time of day for the lake that I live with in Michigan.
The beach scene at the top was my inspiration to feature Lake Michigan as my subject.
I used the layered curves technique that I have previously described in this post.
I created four in each series for two reasons. First, because I needed so many (only 10 for the exchange, but then there were friends I wanted to share these with). Second, I set a personal challenge to see how I could vary each one within the limitations of using the same fabrics for each series. Plus, I kept getting inspired by the lake or by discovering a fabric in my stash that I hadn't even considered previously.
Here I was working on a stormy sunset. Or maybe it's the reflected sunrise effect that we woke up to one morning while a storm was over us, but not way out on the lake.
TADA! Here's my collection of postcards from the exchange that took place today.
My plan is to make a mobile of these little gems to hang in my studio. I like having the creative energy of my friends in my space.

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Karen said...

SO much FUN! I was sooooo tempted to jump on the art sharing thats going on all over the blogs but I dont have five things to give away~ not yet any way. Between work and just the usual life stuff I am struggling to find time for the works I have started. I love your postcards. Living so near lake michigan these 'speak' to me. Though I think you get the better side of the lake in that you have sunsets... of course you also have wayyy more lake effect snow!

Sharon said...

How fun to see all your variations, Nellie! I've tried and tried to take a picture of mine, but I can't seem to get it without it being blurred. Must be my heart thumping too hard at the exciting thought of returning to MI! LOL! And I love the idea of putting these on a mobile. How great that would be!!!! Is the one of the shoes a photo transfer that is then quilted?

Nellie Bass Durand said...

In answer to Sharon's question, yes the shoe postcard is a photo printed on fabric. The maker had taken the picture of the wooden shoes that get left at the factory when the owner comes for a new pair. The postcard above it of trees is also a photo transferred to cloth. Sharon, I'm pleased that your "Postcard From Michigan" evokes fond memories and desire to come back.

Maureen said...

And as you know,I love my lake scene card,being a person who loves boating life.
And I've blogged it over on