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Monday, November 27, 2006


Over a period of two years I created a lot of quilted shoes. Each one is as big as an actual size 6 shoe. Most of them went into the quilt, "Imelda's Dream". From now until after the holidays I'll post photos of each of them, including a brief description or pertinent information.

This quilt was a birthday present for my sister in Indiana. It hangs in the room that also has her collection of dolls. The boot is made from a lace dresser scarf and has a silk taffeta under layer and heel. The background and frame are home dec fabrics given to me by my interior decorator friend, Ebbie.

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Karen said...

The quilt is wonderful. I hit on the link to the large quilt and loved it.With all those decorator fabrics it had to be a bear in the sewing machine! Great job! Now, do tell about the lovely colorful jacket your wearing in the photo with the ribbon..did you embroider all that by hand? it is as beautiful as your quilts. any bigger photos of it?

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful idea, Nellie...thanks for sharing! Is the background pieced or painted? I love the quilting, too...just a lovely piece. I'm sure your sister was thrilled to receive it.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

In answer to Dianne, the background is a bargello print fabric. It is fabric meant for cusions or drapes. In reply to Karen, it isn't difficult to sew. These heavier fabrics give body to wall pieces and I find they hang better. If it's a large piece, the stiffness of that extra body can be a problem in manuevering it at the sewing machine.