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Friday, November 24, 2006

"Crinkle Quilts" List/Location in Weblog/Galleries

There is interest in viewing just my "Crinkle Quilt" art pieces. Click on a title to go the posting to see photos and read descriptions. All photos are clickable to view a larger picture. Click on the "back arrow" of your server to get back to a posting after viewing the enlarged version. The list is in the order of when they were created. Enjoy!

"Wild By Design"
"Passing Storm"**
"Burning Tree"***

"In the Spirit of Gee's Bend" Series of 3
"In the Spirit of Gee's Bend"*
"Magic Carpet"
"The Spirit of Africa"**

"Faceted Spectrum"***
"Joyful Noise"
"In the Garden"**
"Reflections II"
"Tumbling Block"**

Sliced Series:
"Circle 'round"***
"Squared Off"*

"Wrinkles In My Crinkle Quilts"

* At Good Goods Gallery - Saugatuck, Michigan
**At MB Gallery - 407 N. Elizabeth Street
Chicago, IL

list will be updated as postings and changes are made


Anonymous said...

Hi, Nellie,

I've just spent a most enjoyable half hour looking at your lovely crinkle quilts. I've seen them over the last few months, of course, but it is really wonderful to view them as a walk through your "crinkle gallery"...thanks for sharing.

You are always an inspiration to me. I've been entirely traditional in my approach to quilting up to now. I've just felt that a "quilt" should be something you put on a bed or sofa, with a warmth factor always present, and the artistry of the quilt a bonus for the user. You are really tweaking my interest in going beyond this, and for that I thank you!

Lisa Call said...

These are quite interesting - thank you for posting the links. And congrats on the sales!