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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kids Painting Chairs

Our three grandsons are the same age. Their third summer I bought each of them a cute teddy bear chair for their bedroom here at the cottage.

At the end of last summer Jennings rebelled against having a "baby chair" and declared he was throwing it out. I called him into my bedroom for a little chat. I asked him if he used the storage area in this chair and if it was at all useful for getting up to the top bunk where he sleeps. Then I suggested we make it into a big boy chair.

He chose a fabric that looks like the lake and the sky to cover the seat and then painted his chair to coordinate.
This week Jackson refinished his bear chair. His choice of fabric surprised me. While he was painting, he was making rap music noises and slinging his brush to the beat.
It could not have turned out more perfectly.The only thing left to do is reattach the hinges for the covered and padded seat.

Winston has given his chair to his 5 year old sister. She's looking forward to making her art chair in August.


joyce said...

Greta idea. I love to see kids being creative.

Doreen G said...

What a great achievement and what great artists they are as well

Sharon said...

Looks like the kids got the creative gene passed on to them, eh?

Kay said...

That splotchy-plaid-like chair is a real beauty. You must be one proud Grandma!

Nellie's Needles said...

I love Jackson's chair and wish I had a video of him painting to his own version of "rap". I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of his creating.