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Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Talented Friend

Throughout my posts I've mentioned my friend, Alicia. We're staying at her house on our way to Colorado. I got my camera out and have taken photos of her creative touches.
She couldn't bear to discard this old bright yellow bicycle. It's baskets became flower pots. It's "stuck" in her back garden by the garage entrance.

Alicia has helped me paint furniture at the cottage. Over the years she's painted a number of chairs ... some of them for charity auctions. This one with decoupaged flowers is in her sewing room.
She combined hand-marbled paper with her painting on this ensemble in her front hall.
This painted table and mirror are in the guest bedroom.
I had given her this clothing butler when I moved from Milwaukee. Now I wish it were mine even though I still would not have room for it in Tennessee. I do get to use it when I visit.
A few years ago she decided to spruce up all her outside doors.

Alicia is a very talented lady.


joyce said...

She is talented indeed. I'm very impressed with what she can do with a bit of paint. The doors are fantastic.

Doreen G said...

A very talented lady indeed Nellie-Her home must be so special.

Waltraud said...

Your friend is really talented!

Anonymous said...

Nice touch with the bike, Alicia. If you ever decide not to have this be part of your garden, don't throw it out; these old cruisers are in demand! Give it away to a charity or put an ad on Craig's list. Nice doors too.

kemper ;-)