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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some More SMQ Show Quilts

"Irish Cream" by Linda Roy of Knoxville, Tennessee awarded 1st place in Applique/Mixed Techniques Bed Quilts category.
A close-up photo gives you an idea of the rich texture of this luscious monochromatic quilt. It reminds Linda of the texture of Irish knit sweaters made by her grandmother for family members through the years. It's an original design made with hand-applique, trapunto, and of course it's hand quilted with exquisite stitching.

"The Grannies' Delight" by Kelora Goethe of Knoxville, Tennessee awarded 3rd place in Applique/Mixed Techniques Bed Quilts category.
Kelora says, " This quilt is made to honor the amazing needle women in our family tree. Baltimore blocks from Baltimore Bouquets by Mimi Dietrich. The rest of the quilt is original or traditional." Click on the photo to see all the embroidery and crocheted lace motifs incorporated throughout the design.

"At Piece With Time" by Barbara O'Melia of Sellersville, Pennsylvania awarded 3rd Place in Mixed Technique Wall Hanging category.
Barbara says, "This quilt was made from the book At Piece with Time, by Kristin Steiner and Diane Frankenberger. The blocks surrounding the center star each represent a milestone in a woman's life - from childhood to old age."

"Redwork Beauty" by Cathy Bingham of Knoxville, Tennessee in Mixed Techniques Wall Quilt category.
Cathy says, "This quilt was started in a class taught by Betty Alderman. It will always be special to me because I hand quilted it while spending time with my mother before she passed away. It's from B. Alderman's Favorite Applique and Embroidery Quilts book."

"Mama's Garden" by Lynda Wallace of LaFollette, Tennessee awarded an Honorable Mention in Mixed Techniques Wall Quilt category.
Lynda says, "This very much reminds me of my grandmother , a gentle lady who loved me and her flowers. I miss her. Hand and machine quilted with hand embroidery and beading."

"Ocean Waves" by Ann Rushing of Maryville, Tennessee in the Two Person Team category.
This quilt was constructed during a difficult time in Ann's life which is reflected in her choice of the "wave" pattern fabrics. It's hand quilted by her and the Pleasant Hills United Methodist Quilters.

"Squeeze Left" by Loretta Painter of Norris, Tennessee in the Large Art category.
Loretta says, " This quilt was inspired by a sign seen during a trip to Canada that read, 'Road Construction Ahead Squeeze Left'. The colors in the quilt reflect the sky, fields, forests and lakes that we enjoyed on vacation." I asked her if the blocks had been made larger and then trimmed to this "squeeze left" size ... they were constructed to the size you see.

"Coloring Outside the Box" by Joanne Holmes of Knoxville, Tennessee awarded an Honorable Mention in the Two Person Team category.
Joanne related that while she lived in Minnesota all her quilts had the "Up Northwards" look to them with lots of green and burgandy colors. This quilt pattern is "Bouillabaisse" by Pie in the Sky Quilts
and was way outside of her comfort zone.

"Delerious" by Carol Snapp of Knoxville, Tennessee awarded an Honorable Mention in the Two Person Team category.
This quilt is the result of a challenge among six friends. The requirement was for the same dark green fabric be used by all participants plus three embellishments. Carol's are buttons, crystals, and thread. She used a pattern by Karen Stone with an original twist. It was quilted by Martha Centers.

"Taj Kaffe Toole" by Phyllis Callaway of Cleveland, Tennessee awarded 2nd place in the Pieced Bed Quilts category.
This quilt was inspired by a Kaffe Fasset quilt and features fabrics from Peggy Toole's Florentine Collections. It contains 37 fabrics and was made for her daughter's 37th birthday.

"Princess Tree" by Gerry O'Neill of Oak Ridge, Tennessee awarded 3rd Place in the Appliqued Wall Quilts category.
Gerry says, "This traditional Hawaiian quilt was inspired by the beautiful Princess tree, Paulownia tomentosa, which grows along I-40, in the Great Smoky Mountains. In June, it bears it spikes of purple flowers and the previous year's see pods simultaneously."

"Fern Glade" by Hallie O'Kelley of Tuscaloosa, Alabama awarded 3rd Place in the Pieced Bed Quilts category.

The fabric for this quilt was dyed and screen printed by the maker. It is hand quilted. I've been studying this quilt for three days and cannot figure out how that center is done. Each strip is printed and seamed to the next. How did she get the fern pattern to traverse across all those separate pieces. Talk about precision!
There will be more quilts that I liked posted here tomorrow.


Kay said...

These are beautiful quilts, each one worth studying. Like you, I've been trying to figure out the fern one! I saw and admired Linda Roy's earlier this year.

Karoda said...

After seeing these beautiful quilts I believe I can skip my coffee this morning!!!! What a show!

Sequana said...

I am so loving these pics you're giving us. I think you should do this in Houston in the fall. *S*

JulieZS said...

Gorgeous photos Nellie, thanks, they are so inspiring! That Fern Glade quilt is so beautiful, I can't figure out how it is done either, except for some *extremely* accurate piecing. Unless, could she have screenprinted on top of the pieced fabric? Gulp, I couldn't do that, not accurate or confident enough with screenprinting!