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Monday, May 12, 2008

SMQ Guild Small Quilt Sale Contributions

The "Hot Stuff" red shoe quilt was made for our guild's challenge. Those of us who participated were given an 18" square sample piece of fire retardant batting made by the Warm Company ... hence the challenge theme was "hot stuff". Here are the quilts that were presented at the April meeting.

I thought you may like a closer look at this one. Just in case you can't read the note pinned to the lace garter belt it says, "I'd like to get my mitts on you!"
Most of those challenge quilts are donated to the guild's small quilt sale that will take place at the quilt show that opens this next Friday. My "Hot Stuff" quilt is not for sale. My donation to the small quilts to be sold are these:

Libby's Flowers - 12"x 16" (2008)
Those of you have taken a reverse applique class from Libby Lehman will recognize that flower shape. This had begun as the piece I made in her class a number of years ago. I finished it using my "ortwork" collage technique.
I also donated two "Lake Series" postcards.

PS: Here's another quilt that had it's beginnings in Libby's thread play class. It was donated to the guild's small quilt sale a number of years ago.

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my croft said...

Whilst trying to clean up, clear out, and organize, I've discovered that I have an astonishing variety (and volume) of orange fabrics. I have no idea what I had in mind while acquiring them, but frolicking through your site has given me some inspiration (and motivation).

Thanks for stopping by the blog, and for your kind comment.