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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Exquisite Corpse Round 2 - Carol's Piece

Throughout this past year I've participated in a second round of Exquisite Corpse making, Go here to read the premise and beginnings of our project. This one belongs to Carol Taylor of Wales.
The design that Carol drew was based loosely on a Celtic swirl, but included diamonds and dots too.
She had enclosed pieces of brown silk and annealed copper mesh plus a request that aqua be included among our color choices.
Here is my contribution to Carol's Celtic banner.
I laid the bits of silk and deconstructed metallic threads and yarn as well as roving over the background of the square. The shapes were traced from her drawing on freezer paper over a light table and cut out of silk fabrics. The whole section is constructed in my "ortwork" technique, which is a form of collage. The pieces are placed and layered and then "trapped" under tulle netting. Machine quilting holds everything in place. I finished by couching metallic cording over the edges of the shapes as well as outlining the diamond shapes at the top of my square.

My finished corpse was waiting, still in its sealed envelope, for me to get Carol's finished and to the post office. It was difficult not to rip into mine until my obligation to the group project was fulfilled. Soon I'll post about my piece.

Arlee, the originator and "Grand Corpse Vizieress", is gathering another group of corpse mistresses for a 3rd round. The deadline for participation is January 15th. Go to Arlee's blog to leave a comment or find her email address if you have interest in "playing" in this international project.

Go to the Exquisite Corpse blog to see photos and read about the creative processes of all the corpse mistresses as they reveal their corpses as well as talk about the sections they've created on others.

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