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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shared Goodies

This fabulous postcard is a Pay It Forward gift from Karoda.
Can you believe it traveled through the postal system? ... and arrived in perfect condition.
This exquisite little cheeper is created by Kay Susan in England.
This is her 'S'Mockeryfied' version created from my bird pattern.Its body is made of her complex cloth and decorated with stitchery. She even wrapped the wire legs with stitching using wool. Go here to read Kay Susan's description of her techniques.
This little beauty is added to the Picasa album of "Birds" along with others shared with me as well as all the ones I've created. That album is now posted in my sidebar. Click the picture of the bird to go there.

December 11th Post Script:
Susan Kay has made yet another bird, "Rockin' Robin". Go here to see him and read the delightful story that accompanies him.


jenclair said...

Isn't it fun to receive fabric postcards in your mailbox? I know the postal workers must find it amusing to see something beyond the ordinary. As usual, Karoda has done a lovely job.

I love the new bird in the Nellie Bird Tradition! Kay Susan's little birdie is a charming addition to the flock!

Dionne said...

What a wonderful postcard!

Karoda said...

I loved looking at all the lost for a minute and almost forgot to come back here to look for the pattern...when I found the pattern I almost took another detour at the Scribe site before I remembered to come back again and comment...i'm thinking as a treat to me I'll make one when I get this bear of a quilt quilted.