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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nandina Berries in the House

After writing the post last night about the swags and garland made with the evergreens and berries, I just had to bring sprigs of those berries in the house for a bit of holiday cheer. Adding a piece of ribbon from the wrapping box and two flower ornaments make a cheery setting.
This opening is above my kitchen sink. It's as good as having a window since it lets in natural light from ,as well as the view of our courtyard entry. There is always a bouquet of whatever is in season on this shelf. After the first of the year it may be nosegay bouquets of pansies or even a few floating in that art glass piece. The plum fairy mixing a bowl of something sugary is in permanent residence ... usually sitting on that blue cow. Last year she shared this space with geriatric Elvis and friends.


self taught artist said...

for some reason, that bird above elvis breaks my heart and makes me feel like a little girl. it is adorable, precious, magical and wonderful!
then elvis breaks the spell and makes me spit with laughter.

teodo said...

Nice your Christmas bird.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Nellie.
ciao ciao

San said...

That's quite a festive spot you have--almost a kind of seasonal altar.

Paula (Self-Taught Artist) sent me over here. That 'Loose Screws' you made for her is fantastic.