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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Birds, Birds, and More Birds

When this bird project began last April it was just to have a project to do with a visiting friend. Golly, has it ever taken off. Especially since I posted the pattern and instructions to share the fun out there in blogland as well as with my friends. There have been over 5,000 visitors to the Scribd site where the pattern and instructions are available ... there have been over 600 downloads. Whew! That's a lot of birds! Here are six that I've been working on this week.
I'm loving real feathers on their heads. There are pheasant ones on the "peacock" bird and cockateel feathers from my neighbor's bird on the other.
The red feathers are a new headdress for a bird you've seen before. If any bird sticks around long enough it may get stuff added. A fuzzy yarn mane seemed more appropriate for the red bird.
And a back view.
The blue Millafiore bird didn't get a headdress ... nor did his wings get quilted. I was engrossed in the process and forgot to quilt them. But with that fabric on this bird, it's okay. The stripes on the blue-green bird are from fish patterns in the fabric. See? Playing!
They all have pretty bottoms and breasts. I like choosing contrasting or coordinating fabrics for the backs of their wings, too.
Two galleries that carry my art pieces have seen the birds previously posted here on my blog and have expressed interest in selling them. It never occurred to me to offer my birds to them. I was just playing. These birds are destined for those galleries. So far after creating about 30 big birds and 9 small ones I'm still having fun. The question is, how many more before it becomes a chore? When that happens, I'll be DONE!


corryna said...

It's great that the galleries want to sell them for you. They are beautiful!


LFF said...

Nellie-I just love this batch of birds. I am interested in how they are able to stand upright without falling over. That wire must be strong. Are they somehow affixed to the wood or rock that they are perched on?

Thanks for the post.

Nellie's Needles said...

The birds legs are made of a heavy florist wire that is covered with a waxy paper. It is very strong and requires pliers and wire cutters. The birds will stand by themselves if you find their balance point. There are instructions for affixing the feet to objects to make them stand more easily back on my October 27th post.

Kay said...

I bet these birds will sell very well. You may have created a monster!

Waltraud said...

I love these wonderful birds,
greetings from Germany,

Dianna in Maui said...

I love your birds, Nellie, and have been meaning to commment on them for some time. I especially like your attention to detail and fabric choices. Good luck with the gallery sales - they'll probably "fly" right out of there!

Kristin said...


I love your latest birds! So cute. It's neat that you have inspired so many people!

Kristin in SC