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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cyber Fyber Exhibition Report

Golly! Where to start? First there was Susan Lenz! She was right there and visible both days I entered the Vista Gallery. The first day she was updating the show's site on her laptop out in the middle of the gallery, the second she was hand stitching one of her Decision series pieces. I was thrilled to meet her ... to actually talk to and touch her.
To quote the article written in a Columbia, South Carolina publication, "Cyber Fyber is not your average gallery exhibition. It is the culmination of a monumental, yearlong project developed by Columbia-area fiber artist Susan Lenz. The project was inspired by the sense of community she developed with other fiber artists around the world through her blogging experiences."

The postcard and ATC exhibits are amazing! While I was there, they were the major draw for anyone entering that showroom. Those small pieces of art drew viewers in for closer inspection. There were audible "ooo's and ahhhh's". There was wonder when they realized that Susan had made as many postcards and ATC's as were hanging to trade for all those exhibited in this show. I'm sure everyone treasures theirs from Susan as much as I do mine.
I have been online multiple times to study all these postcards and ATC's, but their photos do not portray the intricate details, colors, and textures that could be seen with my own eyes. I've voted (commented) on many of them and am glad to see that one of the ATC's I voted for won. To see a video of the people's choice awards go here.

I follow the blogs of many of the exhibitors. It was great to get up close to study the work that I've seen and read about online.
Arlee Barr is the cyber fyber artist with whom I've had the closest contact and interaction. It was wonderful to get to see and touch her Exquisite Corpse piece, "Shifting Gears". Although, I couldn't help but feel wistful that the original piece, "Rust Never Sleeps", designated for this show had gotten lost in the mail. I had contributed my work to that one. To read about the other exquisite corpses that have been created thanks to Arlee's organization and overseeing as the originator and "Grand Corpse Vizieress" go here. A third round that again includes fiber artists from around the world has just begun.

"Shifting Gears" by Arlee Barr

Another of Arlee's pieces hung on the wall opposite to one above.
This piece, "Cache", is rich in color and texture that can be seen in this photo. However, seeing those qualities in person is an AWESOME experience.
"Cache" by Arlee Barr
Arlee says of this piece, "It is a composite of techniques and ideas, many of which I was exposed to or shared on line, with my “Cyber friends”. Go here to read more.

I love to see artist's studios, the place where their creations "become". Susan's works in a space that is astonishingly small AND crowded.
In the center of her small space is the installation of her doors piece. Three walls exhibit finished pieces. There is hardly room for a stool to be brought up to her very crowded work table. Below is a photo of Susan's studio that I lifted from her blog.
As you can see, the fourth wall is shelves for containers filled with supplies.

Among all of the wonderful pieces hanging in Susan's studio this one spoke to me. There is a quiet elegance about it that I found appealing. The stitched birch bark pieces have the feeling of runes to me. It can be read about here.
Westport Island Series: Birch Bark
by Susan Lenz

I'm privileged to add that piece of Susan's to our home filled with art.
Susan is truly an amazing artist and person. Thanks to her more of the world has become aware of how the internet has positively connected, as well as affected, many of us artists separated by a lot of geography. The process of getting this exhibition together,as well as the exhibit itself, has extended and helped cement a world wide community of creative textile artists. Thank you, Susan.


Karen said...

Nellie, thank you for posting the photos!! It had to have been an absolutly wonderful experience to be there!

Kay said...

Thanks for the wonderful post. Susan deserves praise for her brilliant idea and the work required to execute it. Those Exquisite Corpse pieces would make a good exhibit too, wouldn't they?

LFF said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful post-I may never have gotten to see that otherwise. Your postcard was very recognizable! Lucky you too to get such a beautiful piece of art. It is quietly elegant.
Take Care and thank you again.

Doreen G said...

Jealousy is something that I am not usually akin to but this is one thing that I am truly jealous of Nellie--being able to be there in person must have been amazing.
Also I can see my postcard in the photo of you with yours.

Joyce said...

Thanks for the tour. I wish I could see the art in person.

self taught artist said...

i'm envious of your birch bark is fabulous. lucky you! what a great event to be in and go to, glad to see/hear it!

Susan said...

Hi Nellie!
Trying to catch up is a difficult task. I've actually read your wonderful blog posts earlier in the month but this is the first chance I've gotten to truly thank you for making CYBER FYBER personally a most gratifying experience by your presence, through your purchase, and especially via the Internet that ties us all together. I am honored to know you now. Thank you ever so much for .... EVERYTHING!

arlee said...

My dear Nellie!!!! Thank you so much for the review and photos! I feel i was there, you being my proxy :}
Maybe someday, the first EC will show up---and we'll have a Corpse show!
I really appreciate the emailed photos too---you are one of the bestest for sure :}