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Monday, March 29, 2010

Growing Flock

Birds!  There's evidence of a growing flock out there in the world.  In the last month about 200 people from all over found their way to my blog because of their interest in fabric birds.  On the Scribd site where my bird pattern can be downloaded there have been 21,290 visits and 1,783 downloads since it was posted at the end of April in 2008.  If everyone who has printed the pattern made just one bird that would be a huge flock.

As most everyone who makes one bird quickly finds out, there is little chance of just making one.  Ideas for the next bird hit quickly.  Besides, all the tools and materials are already out.

A number of birds have been blogged about and shared with me.
Judy created this one.

I cannot recall who created this wild, wired and beaded beauty.

How about this combination of fabrics?  I love placement for the eye.
The rest of the photos are of birds made by ladies of the Ramsey Methodist Chapel Craft Group in the UK.  Note the fancy fabric tail on the one.

PS:  Below is an email from the person who contacted me about permission to use the bird pattern for the church group.

Nellie thank you so much, even my bird with it's wobbly legs. And yes we did have enormous fun making them. Further you are right, there are more being made.

Thank you again for giving us permission to use them.



Merry said...

All these birds are terrific and have so much character.

Deborah said...

i really want to make some of these for a sick friend. Think they would cheer her up.

Heather said...

These are such fun Nellie and I can imagine they'd become quite addictive. A great way to use up fabric scraps and an opportunity to create different 'species' with individual characters.

Plays with Needles said...

Glorious flock of fun!!!! I hopped over after I saw your comment on my blog hoping to see your reveal...I'm off to the interpret this blog to check it out...I know you'll do something cute with that one!

paula said...

fun to see and so cool that you've inspired so many people nellie!

Meg in Albuquerque said...

What an inspiring collection of birds, I might have to make one myself. Thanks for the inspiration that you share in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bird pattern and instructions.I have a 92 year old uncle who loved to collect birds and I want to needlepoint him one for his collection. I will post the results when finished

Anonymous said...

hi there my name is samar i luv the birds i just wanted to ask how i would make the legs if i were to make them stand up?
could u pls reply back on my email:
thanks alot for ur time.