Nellie"s Needles

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing With Dolls

Well that is, playing with the faces of the dolls in the photo that's selected for this month's "Interpret This" challenge.

I used the photo from the group's blog and increased its size and quality in my iPhoto editing program.   My printer was set for the highest quality photo and then printed on fabric.  The image was still pixelated.  I fixed that by "drawing" over lines with watercolor pencils and markers.  Then I shaded and highlighted with oil stick pastels.  Of course, the outside edges were smoothed by the process of cutting the image out of the whole picture.  Then too, quilting lines have something to contribute, as well.

Now I know that I could have requested an image with a higher resolution than the 40 KB of this one to reproduce.  As it is, my solution worked better for my purposes ... there's more of me in the fix which adds my hand to those dolls painted faces.

To see bits and pieces and clues for how my fellow participants are interpreting this photo go to the "Interpret This" blog.


Heather said...

Clever stuff Nellie. Some of the dolls in your photograph look as if they are longing to be completed and clothed - their expressions are quite soulful.

Sherri said...

I just had to tell you that I saw your artwork at the Smokey Mountain Quilt Show!!! I thought, "I know her!!" It took me a minute to realize that I follow your blog!! LOL!!! Awesome work!!! I loved the show, and I am so inspired!!!! I am going to try not to be "scared" of the fabric, and be more creative!!