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Saturday, March 27, 2010

News For the Day

Two events that I'm involved in have "reveals" online today.

The quilts for April's The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative auction are posted and one of my scrappy postcards, "Memories", is up for bidding.  Click on the highlighted link to see all 25 wonderful quilts and then make  a bid beginning April 1st on your favorite.  The purpose of the auction is to raise awareness and fund research.  AAQI is a national, grassroots charity.  2010 is its third year as a nonprofit corporation. So far this year it has earned approximately $7,895.38 in profit. All profit is used to fund Alzheimer's research.

More about this postcard can be read about here.

The other two pieces that I created and donated at the same time are  listed for sale on the AAQI website at this link.  "Falling Leaves" (#4936) is  postcard size while "Fading Memories II" (4937) is 10"x 8". They, too, can be read about on the same post as the flower piece that's up for auction.


On the Interpret This blog the reveals begin for the interpretations of this March challenge photo submitted by Kay of Out of the Basement.

Kay and Kim are the first to post their interpretations.  There will be two reveals a day through next Wednesday, the 31st.  Mine will be at noon on Tuesday.


Heather said...

Beautiful postcard Nellie and good luck with the fundraising.

Kayla coo said...

Good luck Nellie and it's a lovely card.x