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Monday, February 07, 2011

Say "Cheese"!


Now you know where my loyalties lie.  I'm wearing one earring from each of the two Packer sets that I own.  We even have an actual "cheese head", but it was left at our cottage in Michigan ... if we had only known ...

My husband did have the foresight to purchase this towel when we were in Milwaukee during Christmas time.
For the past two weeks he's been wearing a different Packer shirt everyday.  He says he'll be wearing each of them again for the next two weeks.  He's a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan.  His first paycheck from his first "real" job was used to purchase 2 sets of tickets to become a season ticket holder.  The next year he purchased two more season tickets.  He still has them, although they're now in our grandson's name.  The waiting list for buying season tickets today is 955 years!

We're celebrating by listening to the Pack's past glories on this old vinyl record I dug out of storage last week.
A BIG Woo Hoo for the Packers and all my fellow cheeseheads!


McIrish Annie said...

Congrats Nellie! I love when a longtime fan's dream comes true!

It was a great game.

Beverly said...

I'll bet you are enjoying it! Glad you are, my sons with Chicago ties have been in mourning since the Packer's game with the Bears.

BTW, the photo reminded me of the card I got from you- obviously I forgot to let you know as I intended. It is a hoot, and hanging up in my studio.

carmina said...

Happy birthday, for yours wanderful years. I love your art.

Romania, Europe

FredaB said...

Hi Nellie

If the Bears coldn't do it I was happy the Packers won Sunday.