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Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Unraveled V" ?

Last evening I put together the beginning of another possible unraveled piece.

The colored squares are old silk noil fabric samples that had come from the imported fabric shop owned by my mother-in-law.  The background is a left-over piece of upholstery from an interior designer friend.

I had purchased the yarns with the intent of using them for this unraveled concept.  I want to control the flow of intensity from pure colors to neutral.  I'm still thinking about the pathways for doing that.

Instead of beginning another unraveled piece I should be getting started on my entry for this year's ArtPrize exhibition in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It is forming in my head.  But I am so enamoured and excited about this newly discovered concept.  From experience, I've found it's best to stay with a project while the proverbial "iron is hot".  There are plenty of long hours of just plain work involved in crafting fiber art.  So I'll dig out some batting, find a backing fabric, and enjoy this "rush of infatuation" for another few days.

In the meantime, this afternoon was good outside on the deck for finishing the sewing of the rest of those buttons on "Unraveled IV".  If this spell of warmth continues, I'll be out there hand stitching bindings over the raw edges on its back side as well as a sleeve.  Then it will be finished and ready to be delivered on March 9th for our Smoky Mountain Quilt Guild Show.  That show will be at the Maryville College campus from March 18th through the 20th.

PS:  Patty inquired in the previous post's comments as to whether Elvis makes an appearance in "Unraveled IV".   His image doesn't, but his name does.


Unknown said...

Ha! There is an Elvis in there!! It is so true to go with the ideas while 'the iron is hot'. Love these newest works! And lucky you on the fine weather for stitching out of doors. spring will be here sometime soon and I so love stitching out of doors...soon...

Dotti said...

I have to tell you Nellie, I am just fascinated by this technique!

Heather said...

It's already looking good Nellie - I look forward to seeing things develop.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Ooooh that upholstery fabric is perfect for this new technique. Those yarns are too.

I never thought of Elvis appearing again! Should have known better.

We are once again getting snow sitting on the deck for a while yet.