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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Two More Purse Quilts

The silk decorator fabric samples are sumptuous.  I love them, but there's no place for them in our decor ... nor is it a"style" I would have in my wardrobe.  I'm glad there are no limits in dreaming up ways to make art with it ... especially these fanciful purses ... or should these be called "evening bags"?
Alicia's Purse #2
Alicia decorated hers with nearly 100 year old silk ribbon roses saved from her mother's wedding dress plus a silk fabric covered button from my mother-in-law's clothing.

Nellie's Purse #2
My thanks to those who left comments on the first post about these purses.  I'm serious about my request for your input of titles on my purse quilts ... Alicia has no desire to name hers.  I like Susan's suggestion for "Sow's Ear" (as in "you can't make silk purse out a sow's ear) and think it may be the title for the one pictured above.


Heather said...

Two more lovely treasures Nellie, and I love the way you have used precious trims from family garments. They are far too special to be called 'Sow's Ears'!!

Kay said...

This is truly a clever way to use those beautiful fabrics. I particularly love the background fabric in yours contrasts with the purse itself.

Anonymous said...

No one knows how to have more fun than you do, Nellie.
Pat Kriegermeier