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Saturday, April 23, 2011

"The Lady With Pink Lips"

I am so excited about this new art piece that arrived today.  We looooove her!  She fits in perfectly.  It's as though Paula had created her just for us ... just for that spot on the end of a cabinet in our dining room.

"Lady With Pink Lips" 24"x 30"
by Paula of Self-taught Artist

She is even MORE than we expected.  I knew there was a depth created by the build-up of the puzzle pieces she is created from.  However, the dimensional aspect is even better than I imagined.  The texture and funkiness of it being made with those puzzle pieces very much appeals to us.
The metal base her face is mounted on was a pleasant surprise.  As you can see, that background color couldn't be better for where it's hanging.
Already, we cannot imagine that spot without her.

Paula has a lot of work listed on her Paula Art Etsy site.  Her wall art pieces and some sculptures, too, are listed for prices too good to be true.  She's has a situation in her life that does not allow the space, nor funds, to store these fabulous pieces of art ... so go check it out.

We have been fans of Paula's work ever since I discovered her blog and could not resist having a piece of her amazing art created from "found objects" hang in our home.  I first wrote about her and that particular piece here.  Our son ordered two of her clocks.  He and the friends who were gifted one of them are happy with those wonderful, functional pieces of art.

Early last summer I was thrilled that Paula began making vases out of heavy metal pipe.
They are perfect for our outside tables.  These won't blow over with a gust of wind off the lake as has happened several times with glass vases.  Also, they are a great size to scatter bouquets among the serving dishes on our rather narrow picnic tables.  So check those out while you're at her Etsy site, as well.  There are a variety of sizes as well as colors.  They are useful for more than just vases, they make great containers for art and writing and sewing supplies.  The large ones have even served the purpose of a waste basket and an umbrella stand.

We very much like having Paula's art decorating and functioning in both of the places we live.  Plus, it's a "smile" to see it hanging in our son's home, as well.  Thank you, Paula.


paula said...

thank you nellie...i hope everyone knows that the photo quality lighting is not so good and the piece looks much deeper, richer!!! :) love that you posted it and i can see where she is. thank you so much, enjoy forever!

Nellie's Needles said...

As Paula said, there's a depth to the colors. But there's also a lot of light reflection from the sculptured surface and its finish which my photos capture. I love the richness and the glow of light that happens simultaneously ... especially in the soft light of a lamp lit room. It would be great if photos captured what we perceive with our eyes.

Heather said...

That's an amazing piece Nellie and I never would have guessed it was made from puzzle pieces. Oh dear! another reason for not throwing anything away!!

Kay said...

How fascinating! The second photo is so different from the first, that I can believe this must look very different in different lights. Love the vases too.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Wow - her art is amazing.