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Monday, June 11, 2012

Pink Sunsets

Dramatic pink sunsets have lit up the sky over Lake Michigan last evening and this one.
These magical and seemingly unreal effects always amaze me and I hesitate to portray such "outlandish" effects in my lake series. Going back through the photos of that series I found that I had done so in these three:
 "Lake #26"
 "Lake #56"
"Lake #62"
Reality can be amazing! This pink and violet sunset with a lightening strike happened a few weeks ago. If I portrayed this in an art piece it would look so UNreal.


Heather said...

Amazing colours and wonderful photos Nellie - very inspiring.

Kay said...

I remember seeing Mount Rainier at sunset once long ago. It was like a strawberry ice cream cone! You're right about the unreal look.

Beautiful work on these though, especially the second one above.

June Calender said...

The three quilts are beautiful. You're right, artists can't really copy or ever out do nature. But what you is very, very effective.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Having grown up in Michigan, I have been at the lakeshore and seen sunsets like this. They are breathtaking.

Fabulous photos and wonderful interpretations in your quilts.


liniecat said...

Wow, 26 and 62 are fabulous!

photo to painting said...

Love your post & the way you have photos of all the steps. very nice!!
I love your amazing colors and...beautiful sunsets!!!!

Portrait Artist