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Friday, April 19, 2013

2013 Special Award Winning Quilts

Again this year I was in charge of making the special award ribbons for the Smoky Mountain Quilt Guild Show that took place March 22-24 at the Maryville College in the Cooper Athletic Center. Guild members were invited to create rosettes for the various awards. I then assembled them ... choosing the colored side grosgrain ribbons and printing out the award information on the satin ribbons. I've heard it said that these ribbons are coveted awards at our guild shows.

Best In Show Bed Quilt...
"Jacobean Dream"  by Linda Roy - Knoxville, Tennessee
Ribbon Rosette designed by Nellie Durand
$600 Award sponsored by It's Sew Mary Jane Quilt Shop

Best In Show Wall Quilt...
"it's SUNNY in Baltimore..."by Patricia Scheideler-Kern 
Whispering Pines, N Carolina
Ribbon Rosette designed by Nellie Durand
$500 Award sponsored by Smoky Mountain Quilters

Judges Choice...

"Circle the Block" - Patty Ashworth - Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Ribbon Rosette designed by Nellie Durand
$50 Award sponsored by Gene and Christine Glazar

Excellence in Hand Workmanship...

"Let's Go Home" by Rosillis Rosario - Davenport, Florida
Ribbon Rosette designed by Itsumi Sasaki
$50 Award Sponsored by Tuesday Bee

Excellence in Machine Workmanship...

"Making Waves" - Pat Hilderbrand -  Columbia, Missouri
Ribbon Rosette designed by Cyndi Herrmann
$50 Award sponsored by Shana Margrave

Traditional Design...

"Just FOUR Fun" by Sue Jones of Maryville, Tennessee
Ribbon Rosette designed by Terry Passon
$50 Award sponsored by Gina's Bernina Sewing Center

Scrap Quilt...

"Double Wedding Ring" by Yumiko Harada-Morristown,Tennessee    
Rosette Designed by Louise Ragle
$50 Award sponsored by Norm and Linda Roy

Just For Fun...

"The Salacious Secrets of Sam and Sue" by Teddy Pruett
Lake City, Florida
Rosette Designed by Pat Blankenship
$50 Award sponsored by Lynn and Marian Sykes

Surface Embellishment...

"Crosswalk 1,2,3" by Tone Haugen-Cogburn - Maryville, Tennessee
Rosette Designed by Bridget Matlock
$50 Award sponsored by FAC at FAB

Innovative Design...

"Unraveled VII" by Nellie Bass Durand - Farragut, Tennessee
Rosette Designed by Tone Haugen-Cogburn
$50 Award sponsored by Thursday Bee

Novice Quilt...

"Spared For A Purpose" by Chris Calhoun - Knoxville, Tennessee
Rosette Designed by Jane Dunham
$50 Award sponsored by Jennifer Wilkerson

Martha Odell Memorial Award...

"Directions" by Barbara Landau - Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Rosette Designed by Linda Roy
$50 Award sponsored by Tuesday Bee

"Viewer's Choice" seems to be a favorite even though there's no cash award to accompany it ...

"Friendship Garden" by Fran Oroson - Nashville, Tennessee
Rosette Designed by Nellie Durand


Go here for a tutorial for how I construct the award ribbons.
Go here to see ALL the ribbons (and the quilts they were awarded to) for the years I've been in charge of creating them.


Heather said...

The rosettes are as beautiful and varied as the quilts themselves.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the ribbons are as beautiful and varied as the quilts they honor. I would treasure one of these ribbons.

Ali Honey said...

Lovely work! Great rosettes. My picks are your innovative design and the waves.

June Calender said...

Thanks for both the quilt show and the ribbon/rosette show -- both are fascinating to see.

Beverly said...

Those are some really spectacular quilts and rosettes- I can see why they are so coveted!

Karen H said...

This ribbons are a fabulous idea and much more meaningful than a prefab ribbon. I've sent a link to your blog to my Guild exec. Your quilt is very interesting and appreciate that you are pushing the envelope. Way to to!