Nellie"s Needles

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sprouts on the Woodland Floor

I very much liked the foundation of scraps for this wild flower piece.

I have a lot of colors of tulle to select one to hold all these bits and pieces together ... and I debuted them all.

The grayed lavender is the one that worked best to my eye.
I quilted around the outside edges and just enough organic style lines through the center area to keep all those bits in place. Then I added newly sprouted plants along with real leaf skeletons and more scraps of fabric.

I have a huge bag of silk plant leaves. I kept digging until I found ones with the right hue, sheen, and veining. Very rarely do I use any "whole" leaves. You can see where one of the leaves for my plants was cut from that large one on the right.

Can you guess what the flowers will be from my leaf formations?


Heather said...

Springtime comes to the woodland floor! Can't wait to see the flowers.

Karen Christensen said...

are you creating trilliums? My all time favorite woodland flower, along with those tiny violets of course! This is going to be another beauty. I have been toying with the leaves you sent me, Ideas in early early stages as yet. I think I see some of those delicate ones in this piece.

Kay said...

I was thinking trilliums too. We planted them in our woods and just as they began to spread, the deer ate them, and they've never come back. So it would be nice to see some here. :)

Why didn't you like this for a while?

Gail Pierce said...

Blown away, again! love watching a piece grow . . . XO