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Friday, December 01, 2006

"FrootLoop" Shoe

First, the vegetable shoe. Now, the fruit shoe.
The berries were all cut from a quarter yard of a fruit printed fabric. There were a lot of berries. Enough to make three shoe quilts. One for "Imelda's Dream", one for Alicia's and my friend, and this one that I donated for our guild to sell at the annual quilt show.

"Fuit Footwear"
The dragon flies and ladybugs nestled among the berries came from a different fabric. I decorated these bugs with glitter glue to make them look like jewels adorning the shoes.

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Karen said...

taken as a whole the quilt is wonderful. Taken one block at a time it is fantastic! I am loving these food shoes. whimsy gets me everytime!

Roswila said...

Love your quilts! Wonderful! Such a range of topic and style. Have you seen those fabulous Gee's quilt 39cent stamps? I can imagine yours on stamps in the future. :-)