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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Vamp" Shoe

A friend had given me a "skin colored" fabric with a variety of hand-painted faces ... both men's and women's. I believe it was intended for making dolls. This vamp's face didn't get placed on the vamp of the shoe. It just wouldn't have shown up on that upper front part, although there certainly would've been space for it on a real shoe.
Pictured above is the newly constructed shoe and box. Below is the quilted square.
The fabric for the box is a striped commercial fabric that I had painted. I don't recall if I had intentionally applied the paint that way, or if I had used the fabric to clean up excess paint from something else. At any rate, I love my "paint rags".

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Heart's Journey said...

Love seeing your inner vamp, Nellie. All of your 'paint rags', accidental or deliberate are so effective in adding to the overall ambience of your 'glad rags' for feet. You make me smile...and your tutorial was great. I had forgotten that I used to do bits and pieces of disecting designs like inspire me! To at least dream, if not to actually do :)

SarahMine said...

Wow Aunt Nellie! I am in aww of your talent! You turn fabric into breath taking art! Your so good,
I must say that you are the Tiger Woods of quilting lol! Hope all is well with you and Uncle Lee!