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Monday, December 04, 2006

My Shoes

I too like funky, fun, and pretty shoes but can no longer wear those with much height in the heels.
I did wear a pair of fun new beaded wedge shoes to lunch and a gallery last spring and my back was out for a week. Aargh! They really were comfortable all the while, but by bedtime I could hardly walk.
So, I got these for summer fun.
I also have "art" shoes. These were purchased this way. I have to tie the long laces around my ankle to keep them on.
These were a favorite pair of white leather shoes that became grungy, so I painted them with fabric paints and inks. There's a coating of mink wax on top. This was done several years ago and the paint has never cracked. It hasn't worn off the rubber sole either.
Guess I'll have to dream on with Imelda and just continue going bare/sock footed and don only flat shoes. These are what I wear most often in the winter weather.

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Elaine Adair said...

Gracious! How gorgeous they all are - cannot figure which are the best! Your shoes identify you as an artist - you don't even have to have a project, just show someone your feet! What fun! I never have considered wearing anything other than conventional shoes - oh except for those kids shoes that blink - I always wanted some of those! ... Thanks for the pics.

Maureen said...

Your beaded wedge sandals remind me of shoes I HAD to have for daughter's wedding two years back.
Said shoes worn just prior to ceremony,photo call and greeting guests guest at Reception......never worn since!
But oh so gorgeous!
And the pair of mocassins bought at Anaheim in 78.........mosy comfortable things I've ever worn.Sadly they are museum pieces now :-(

Anonymous said...

Nellie, Your 'real' life shoes are almost as great as your artist's imagination ones! What fun to see all of your shoes!!! I just love them! I have a daughter who once 'painted' some Doc Martins with ball point ink (covered the entire shoe, stroke by stroke with an ink pen)...made for a rather interesting 'metallic' effect..somewhere between platinum and mercury :)

SarahMine said...

I love your shoes! I bet the outfits that go with them are just as beautiful & creative! I have spent the last few hours GOOGLEING
you! lol Incredable work!