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Thursday, August 23, 2007

2 Years of Sharing

Two years ago today my nephew, Peter, set up this weblog for me to share my art and techniques. It has, and is, serving my philosophy to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm for "making stuff". It is most appropriate that this is the day four young friends could come over to play with me.Georgia decided to make a tree. She's working upside down so as not to disturb the pieces placed at the bottom. It's not a bad idea to work upside down at any time. It gives a different perspective to your work making it easier to spot weaknesses. Audrey decided to make a patchwork-like background.
Chewy was totally "into it" as you can tell by her body language.
Her mother, Katrina, was intrigued with the process. She's an artist and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to play with my "Ortwork" technique.
Here are their pieces pinned to the design wall.
Tomorrow they'll come back to quilt their creations. All three machines are set to go.


jenclair said...

Wow! I'm impressed with all of these pieces and can't wait to see them quilted.

Good on you, Nellie, for taking the time to share what could be a lifetime interest in art (and fabric and making things)! And it looks like so much fun!

joyce said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day. I have some grandchildren coming for a few days tomorrow and hope to get in some quality art tmie with them as well. It's good for everybody involved.

Micki said...

We are so glad that you started this website.

Looks like a great day of fun.

arlee said...

Happy Blogirthday!!!

Waltraud said...

Thank you for showing us your art.
I think you had much fun with the kids.

Helen said...

What a fun day, thanks for sharing it with us.