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Friday, August 24, 2007

Just Playing

The piece of "Ortwork" that I put together yesterday with the girls ended up as a border.

In the Garden - 13"x13"
While I was having a reflexology treatment in the afternoon, it came to me that what I had created that morning would be best cut up and made into a border for something else ... flowers. I came home and painted a zebra printed cotton flannel. I was going for roses and cut and layered lots of petals. The print was too small to differentiate multiple petals .... soooooo chenille yarn was machine couched in spirals to make fanciful posies.

The outside edge is curved because too much would be lost by squaring the piece. I'm not sure if I'll keep it as is, or mess with it further in the future.

My four young artist friends quilted their pieces today. The girls selected beads to sew on their quilts this evening and tomorrow morning. They are pleased and excited by their accomplishments. Especially the two who have never previously touched a sewing machine.


joyce said...

The ortwork makes a great border for this piece. I really like the wavy edges. I think quilters spend way too much time getting everything straight and square. This is much more relaxed.

arlee said...

OOOO Zebra roses! Better than zebra tomatoes! Love the wonky edges as well--maybe just attach the whole thing with raw edges to a backing?

Jan said...

Nellie, I love the way you put together your scraps with such *ease*. And what fun, creating with young friends!