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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to the Lake AND to the Lake Series

It's been soooo long since I've posted AND even longer since I've added to the "100 Lake Series". There's a lull this week between visitors to the cottage. So here's the result of getting all my supplies and equipment set up in the studio that became just another room when the cottage was rented.

Lake #35
Making this piece was a struggle. It surprises me how out of the groove I can get when I'm away from creating for a length of time. The flow wasn't there ... I felt clumsy ... until I was well into the process.
Lake #35 construction
This one got the big cloud shadows that I've been observing on the lake since we got back.

The one below was the last lake piece made during the July 4th weekend. The day it was created felt like this one looks. It came together so easily while I was having a relaxed conversation with my daughter's-in-law mother. During the construction she would ask why I chose particular pieces ... she had her doubts about the greens I kept digging out of the bag. She was highly amused when after a few minutes of sifting and rummaging in the bag that all I'd come up with was just one little colored thread. I hadn't intended to add clouds, but she wanted to see how they were created, so they're there ... and it worked in the piece. My friendly observer liked the results so much she purchased it to hang in her bedroom in Wisconsin.
Lake #34
All of the lake pieces are for sale ... except for the seven that have already been sold. As they're purchased I'm putting a SOLD in that quilt photos caption in the Picasa lake albums. They can be bought either directly from me or the gallery, Good Good's.
There's a "GG" in the caption of those pieces in that gallery. Note that the complete caption is visible when you select the largest photo size in the upper right corner.

The price is $150. The pieces are all thirteen inches wide and vary from eleven to twelve inches high and are ready to hang. Any purchased from me will have NO extra charge for shipping. Sooooo, if there's a particular one that appeals to you, now you know how to make it yours.


Doreen G said...

Welcome back Nellie I have missed seeing your Lake Quilts

Quilting Journey said...

It is so nice to have you back, Nellie! I have missed you and your beautiful, changeable lake!

joyce said...

I was just beginning to think you had dropped off the face of the earth! It is difficult to get into the groove again after an absence. We have had a truckload of company all summer and 4 of the grandchildren are coming for a few days on Saturday. I'll get my groove back once school starts again. Hopefully! I can see that you have successfully leaped in again. I love the quilting on the last one.

Micki said...

Great to have you back and your wonderful lake pieces.

Karen said...

Welcome back! I thought maybe you were having so much fun and guests that there was little time left for the blog.Understand that! I have a give away at my blog if your interested...but hurry it ends tomorrow! Karen

Waltraud said...

Nice to see you again on your blog and these new quilts - so beautiful!

Tom Bass said...


I love the Cottage. I remember the day we displayed "All Hearts Come Home for Christmas", the last quilt our mother was working on. I am proud of the work that you and our sister, Myrtle, added to that quilt to finish it for me.
Thanks Sis