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Monday, October 08, 2007

Fun Weekend at the Gallery

Demonstrating my "ortwork" collage technique while creating lake quilts at Good Goods for the Gallery Stroll in Saugatuck, Michigan was a lot of fun.
I had taken a bag of "orts" (scraps) to design and construct lake pieces. For a couple of them I took suggestions from viewers as to their favorite kind of days at the lake. Here I'm quilting one of those, an icy day in early winter.
My favorite part of the experience was talking to visitors and sharing my techniques and experience with other artists and quilters. This young man hand sews fabrics together and then oil paints over them. Now, he may get a machine to applique them instead.
Take note of that fabulous furniture made from "scraps" in the background of the above photo (click on photo to enlarge it). This connection between my work and those pieces especially appealed to men.

All available pieces were displayed. The yellow ocher wall was a wonderful backdrop. The large piece (#44) sold ... YEAH! I lost track of the number of regular sized pieces (13"x 11-12") that sold.Three of my "Crinkle" quilts were also displayed. The positive viewer response to those pleased me. I had taken the one I'm currently stitching to share that technique as well.


self taught artist said...

congrats on sales and such a good time yes? I like your skirt btw...and that table on the right hand side is fascinating.
back to the this was an in studio thing and people came to you? too cool you got written up talking about your goal of 100 quilts!!!!

jenclair said...

Your lake pieces look wonderful on display and so do the crinkle quilts, which I adore. Congratulations on your sales!

teodo said...

Congratulations Nellie,
I think that the people who stopped and looked at you are very lucky.
I would have liked to be there.
ciao ciao

Doreen G said...

Well done Nellie on your sales and how amazing the quilts look all together.

arlee said...

Looks like you had fun and great success with the fun *and* the sales :}

Dale Anne said...

Nellie - looks like the Gallery stroll went FABULOUS! CONGRATS on the sales!!!

Karen said...

Congratulations on the show and sale. Thank you for the photos of the show! It had to have been such fun!

Beverly said...

It all looks wonderful, Nellie, I'm glad it went so well. And congrats on the sales!

Finn said...

Hi Nellie, thank you for the note re:Jeanne. I love the 'lake' work pieces...they are really marvelous and certainly invoke a "Great Lakes" feeling in me...of course I'm only familiar with Michigan and Superior, but those will do nicely..LOL
I see you have tutorials on your side bar...think I'll be back(soon), as dis-satifaction rising occurs more often now. Hugs, Finn

Congrats on the sales too!!!