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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Home From the Mountains...and the PIF Result

We just arrived home from our weekend with friends up in the Smoky Mountains. This is the view we enjoyed from the rented house that is near the top of a very big hill.
There was a bit of stitching going on. Six more blocks for the "and Still Counting" project were stitched by Susan, Virginia, and me.Here are a few of the photos I took on the Motor Nature Trail that loops out of and back into Gatlinburg. It's a one-way narrow road over five miles long and the next best thing to actually taking a hike. There is the option to park and take short hikes off the car trail.

All of the photos were taken from our slowly moving car. I set my camera to "action" mode for a fast shutter speed. The next two were taken through the sunroof.

I thank all of you who responded to the Pay It Forward artshare meme. The first two participants, Deb and Amy, had responded before I left home. The third is Koroda. Thanks to all the rest of you for leaving comments and I'm sorry for any disappointment about not getting to partake. I hope each of you continue to pursue a PIF in which to participate.


Kay said...

Fantastic photos!

Darcie said...

Breathtaking pictures, Nellie! I can nearly smell the crisp air and hear the calmness.

I just learned about the "And Still Counting" project not long ago. I had the pleasantry of meeting Caron at a quilt show not long ago. the time of meeting her...I didn't know anything about ASC. What a marvelous and unique project. A movement!

Helen said...

Those last 2 photos are just fab! Great inspriration. I love the off-centred linear tree trunks in the final photo. There's a quilt in there!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!!! I live near the Rocky Mountains, but grew up near the Smokies. I prefer the Smokies for their fall colors!! Thanks for the great taste of home!