Nellie"s Needles

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Last Side of Side-by-side Lake Panel

I've decided that each panel for this larger project will depict the lake at different times of the same day.
This last side on the far right is late afternoon of a warm sunny summer day.

Lake #42 - 17"x 14"
Here it is before the free-motion quilting was done. The change of its appearance made by the quilting still amazes me.
Now, what kind of day should I make the next panel of four pieces?


Vicki W said...

Oh, that's looking wonderful! Next? maybe the very last light of the day.

joyce said...

Your panels just keep getting better. Have you thought of a sunrise or sunset panel? I don't know what direction you are facing so maybe you don't see sunrise or sunset over the water.