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Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Birds

Three more birds have been added to the growing flock out there in the world by me. I created one from zebra and leopard print fabrics as a house gift for a friend. She has lived in Africa and this one, complete with a mane-like headdress, blends in with her decor. The other one was made for Bev in appreciation for her sending me the raveled threads that result from washing and drying her hand-dyed fabrics as well as some dyed cheese clothe and fat quarters of that dyed fabric. Her fabrics made a beautiful bird.
I took a cue from my friend, Alicia, and glued the feet of the zebra bird to a rock and the Bev's to a piece of drift wood ... both of which were found on the beach. Here's a photo of Alicia's flock perched on her back fence in Milwaukee. A few of them are standing on shells while others are on rocks and pieces of driftwood.
Speaking of Alicia, she had given me yards of a wonderfully wild fabric that I challenged her and another friend, Helen, to use in these birds when we got together a few weeks ago.
Helen gifted me with a nest. Her bird with the challenge fabric used in the body is on the left, Alicia used that fabric for her birds underbody who is in the nest, and mine with that fabric as the wings is on the right. This one was the first to get a fancy yarn headdress. Three lengths of yarn are glued along the seam on top of their heads.

PS: To see a collection of photos of my birds and those of my friends go here.

PPS: If you've made a bird from my pattern I'd like to see it. Send me a link or email a photo to me (find email address in my Profile). I'll post your photo in my Picasa album if you give permission.


Joyce said...

I just love your birds. I'll definitely have to try one soon.

arlee said...

Perfect! Love the zebra one :} Also finally going to try them as all my machines are dead and i thought i could handle the amount of handwork these would involve :}

Doreen K. said...

I love these little birds. And I really like them on the rocks and driftwood. Delightful!!!

Karen said...

Have not yet put one together but I have used these lovely birds as inspiration for a little quilt that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago and am putting finishing touches on a small fall journal sized one that will go on the blog someday soon.
Your birds are just so wonderfully cheerful!

Vicki W said...

I love your birds!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I just love your birds, Nita.