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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Purple and Orange Lake Quilts

While the after effects of Ike weather was storming over the lake this past weekend I felt compelled to create colorful lake pieces.

Lake #64 (13"x 11")
How the layered piece looks after the rows of machine quilting stitches are added always amazes me. Here's the before with the layer of tulle laid on top.
That purple and orange sunset lake piece lead to another.
Lake #65 (13"x 11")
...and how it appeared before the quilting defined the clouds, waves, and patterns in the sand.
The first two are definitely sunsets. Monday morning we awoke to pink tinged clouds at sunrise which sparked this one.
Lake #66 (13"x 11")
...and its appearance before I quilted it.
I haven't run out of enthusiasm for this series and am surprised and amused at what triggers each one. It had been my concern that making so very many pieces of basically the same composition would eventually bore me. But then, I never tire of looking at the lake from the same location everyday, year after year after year after year ....


Tod said...

Hi Nellie, thanks for visiting my new blog. I've been following your lake series since the beginning and love to see you continuing to find new weather, conditions and subtleties to sew in there! A visit to your blog often expands the textile portion of my artbrain. I like the interactive relationship with the gallery too.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I especially like #65! I can picture the view so easily and would so love to be there to see it in person.

arlee said...

Ahhhhhh, 64 reminds me of Patricia Bay on Vancouver Island-----so lovely and so missed......

verobirdie said...

I could not choose one of your lake, they all appeal to me.
Thanks also for showing the before/after quilting.

self taught artist said...

I too love seeing how this collection grows, subtle at times dramatic at others. You are catching up with me :-O
thanks for stopping by, hadn't heard a peep in ages, glad to see you still check in.