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Monday, September 01, 2008

My Weekend at Good Good's

Creating several lake quilts at Good Good's gallery in Saugatuck, Michigan this past weekend was fun. I was scheduled only for Saturday, but ended up there on Sunday afternoon as well.
Many people, both local and vacationers from surrounding states, came to watch the construction and stuck around to talk about quilts, quilting, and art. I was most pleased that Kay ("Out of the Basement" blog) drove up from Indiana to see my work in person. We have been emailing and reading each others blogs for several years and it felt as though I was greeting a long time friend even though we were meeting for the first time.
This "after the sun has gone down" piece was begun and completed Saturday afternoon.

Lake #62 (13"x 12")
The previously constructed lake piece that I had taken to demonstrate my quilting and couching techniques will be posted soon. It's one of three that represent the night storms in June.


Karoda said...

Everytime I look at your piece that I have it makes me happy...Is that your quilt next to you in the photo of you at the machine? I love the gray border against those colours.

Also, I have something for you...its been awhile and I need to get it to you. Let me know where to send it.

Nellie's Needles said...

Thank you. Both pieces on the wall behind the machine are mine. The far one in "Silk Roses" and the other is "Moonlight Madness". To read past posts about them just type those titles in Blogger's "Find" window.

I'm pleased to say that a whole room in the gallery is devoted to my work.

Linda said...

Your work is amazing and inspiring. I have given you the "I Love Your Blog Award"...