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Friday, September 26, 2008

Third Mountain Piece

Okay, this is the result that I had in mind. The fabrics are speaking loud and clear and telling the story. A bit of oil stick pastel work shades the distant "orange" mountain and I drew in a few more tree trunks in the foreground stand of trees. Now, if I can just leave it be.

9'x 9"
This is how it looked before the free-motion machine quilting defined the areas. I used clear mono-filament thread for the clouds, a smoke one for the foreground stand of trees and the furthermost mountains.
Two different variegated King Tut #40 threads are zig-zagged on the middle range mountains.
...and here are the fabrics that form the foundation of the scene before bits and pieces plus wool roving were added for finer details.
Now, who would've dreamed that the flip-flop shoe batik fabric would become trees. It's amazing what can be "seen" when digging through heaps of scraps. I can't believe these bags contain so few green scraps.

Next is making the border for this piece. I'll photograph the steps for a tutorial in the next post.


Vicki W said...

I liked the second one and didn't understand your criticism. Now that I see the 3rd on I get what you were talking about. I still like #2 though!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Who would have thought that flip flop fabric would make such beautiful trees (well, obviously you did!). Wow. Beautiful work Nellie!

Ali Honey said...

Nellie the colours you have used are beautiful I'm glad you added the red hues in th front.

StegArt said...

Very lovely. I really like how you show your progess with these pieces. It's fun to see how you lay out the fabrics.

jenclair said...

I love seeing the transformation in your pieces! This one has such a sense of mood.

Terri said...

Beautiful! You have such talent!!

Quilter In Paradise said...

WOW! your vision from conception to completion is really cool ! Thanks for showing this... who would have thought??!!! You Did!


purplepaint said...

Your work is amazing!!! I've added you to my faves. :) Marva