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Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Interpret This" Teaser

It's time for teasers that hint at the self-portraits being created by member artists of "Interpret This". Click on the icon photo located in my sidebar for that group to go there. Your comments and observations are welcome. This photo is one of my teasers.
I have a love/hate relationship with my eyeglasses. They are a part of every outfit ... everyday. They've become my only neck jewelry. The top pair is made from fabric and will be an important element in my self-portrait. Our finished pieces will be revealed over several days at the end of the month.


arlee said...

i love glasses like that, different --mine are chained to me now too--funny how our focus becomes more refined as we get older, but our eyes technically are losing it :}

Heather said...

Love those glasses Nellie - both versions - and am looking forward to seeing some of the self-portraits. Thank goodness I need to wear my glasses all the time or I'd be forever wondering where I had put them.

Suzanne Gwynne said...

Happy 2010, Nellie,
I found you last year and read your archived posts and so enjoyed reading about your "Painted Flowers".
I wish I could wear those fancy reading glasses, but my eyesight is so bad, I need "Coke bottle" glasses all the time! Buying a new pair of prescription glasses is akin to buying a car. . . :)
I'll be following you in 2010.
I hope this year is as productive and creatively satisfying as last year and thanks so much for sharing!
Suzanne G in NC

Anonymous said...

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