Nellie"s Needles

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I'm liking this piece a lot!
However there were moments I considered scrapping it ... which means eventually cutting the woodland floor background into pieces for something else. My problem was that every color of tulle I placed over it to hold the sprouting plants in place "killed" the woodland floor hues. The whole piece just "died."

The solution was to choose the tulle color that enhanced the new growth parts ... that one is the bright yellowish green one...
It was pinned to cover the whole top. I stitched/quilted around the greenery then trimmed the tulle away from the woodland floor sections.
Well, most of it. I see that some more needs to be cut away. Do you see how the color is lost in the upper left corner in the above photo? Think I'll be trimming that away. Pieces of white tulle were placed over the blossoms, then the excess trimmed away after free-motion stitching around the petals. That stitching also anchors the calyx pieces which are loose on the surface. Some new growth pieces float on the surface as well.

Now I'm really excited about this piece. Next the yellow stamen will get embroidered and I have an idea about framing to pursue.


Colleen Kole said...

I love how this all came together! We all need spring and what a great piece to be working on now.

MaureenC said...

As always the piece is "growing "splendidly.
One question though: the tulles you have been auditioning, are they commercially dyed, or "Nellie dyed"??

Heather said...

It's beginning to look very exciting Nellie. How clever you are - a true fabric artist. Who needs paint?!!

Radka said...

I am liking it too, a lot :-)

DeAnne Ferris said...

Nellie, I am in love with your work. I have such joy in my heart and soul when I look at it. You are one very beautiful and talented woman. I love you so much.