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Friday, January 12, 2007

First Valentines for Soldiers

It feels so good to be creating in the studio again. Fifteen postcard valentines have been put together from the pieces out of the drawer that is pictured in this evenings earlier post. Here are the first three finished.
I had no idea this morning that my day would end with renewed enthusiasm ... that I'd be well into a major project before the day ended. YEAH!

My young friends may recognize pieces from their wedding present and whoever purchased "His Music Lives" at the auction to raise funds for the Knox county school's art programs might, as well.

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arlee said...

Nellie, those are so exuberant and joyful! Explosive colours and fabulous textures--you've outdone yourself again!

Karen said...

Yes joyful! these are such happy works. Thanks for the link, I think that I too will send off a card or three. What a good way to give some support to those who have suffered so much. I am sure these will bring a smile to someones face