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Sunday, January 14, 2007

7 More Heart to Heart Postcards

These two of series of postcards are obvious valentines featuring hearts.Acknowledging that some of the recipients of these cards may be sad or depressed, I used a somber dark background sprinkled with brightness. I tacked inspiring words formed with wire inside the hearts with stitches. Above is "hope".

That dark ortwork background is from "Celebration" (it's the last quilt in that posting-this fabric piece is the background behind the balloons). I hope there is a residual of the feeling within that quilt in these postcards.
These four feature uplifting happy hearts. I hope they bring a smile and cheer to those who receive them. The hearts have a trapunto effect because they're cut from fabric that is already quilted. The couched yarn finishes the raw edges.

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Helen said...

Wow, you are being very productive. Who's doing the cooking and cleaning? (big grin). They are all wonderful.

teodo said...

are wonderfull.
you are a very creative and artistic women and I am very happy to look your fabric jewell.Thank

Karen said...

the wire words are a wonderful addition to these beautiful postcards. Now time for me to head to the basement studio and make some as well!!

Sharon said...

So nice to see you back again - and for ME to be back again, too. It's so hard to say which of your postcards are my favorites! I think the dream, believe and hope might be first (do I see some twin thoughts here, LOL?), and then the "notes" from His Music Lives. They are all so wonderful, and I know they will bring smiles to anyone who sees or receives them! Thanks for doing this, too!