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Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Elvis

My husband was born the same year as Elvis. For years Lee has been "playing" with Elvis. Here are several of many pieces he's created to honor the "king".

"Elvis Galaxy" - 26"x18"
"The Book of Elvis"
Stacking Wood Dolls
portraying the stages of Elvis' life
(including embryonic Elvis)
Elvis lurks in the corner of my studio.

All photos are clickable for you to view a larger version in a separate window. Click the back arrow icon of your server to get back to this post. Click on the "Elvis" label below to view previous postings that feature my Elvis quilts and Lee's artwork.


Self Taught Artist said...

the elvis galaxy has my head spinning! "elvis shot jfk"..that is great! this is whacked. made my day seeing this stuff!

Doreen G said...

Wow Nellie This has to be the best Elvis tribute I have ever seen--(and I linked back to all the previous ones you had as well)--It makes my heart sing for the "King"

Tonya R said...

these are marvelous. I told a friend who was going to Russia to look for Elvis matryoshka for me, but never thought to find some made in the states. what a hoot - love the rhinestones.