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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tessa Sews

Tessa, my youngest grandchild, is five years old. Her first sewing machine project was this quilt made last summer.
One of my Christmas presents to her was our designing and making this cotton knit nitegown with eyelet lace together. She had passed on the option of pajamas.Her brother and two boy cousins had learned how to sew on my machines a year before she did. They had mastered machine skills rather quickly (see "Kids Sewing" and "Kids Sewing II"). However, Tessa picked it up even more easily.Her brother, Winston, had set up his mother's Bernina for us and then helped with the sewing. French seams on those side seams proved to be a lot of sewing. Also, he was our photographer to record this project.
I'm heartened that all four of them like to "make stuff", but especially that I have a granddaughter with whom to share my skills and knowledge ... hopefully for many years to come.

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Helen said...

Nellie, your grand-daughter is a princess! What a great privilege to teach your grand children to quilt. It will be a while before I get any!

jenclair said...

One of my favorite blog topics (and on Simply Quilts, as well) is children sewing and quilting. I so hope to be able to do this in a year or so - my granddaughter is only 3.