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Friday, January 12, 2007

Postcards for Wounded Soldiers

Since I arrived home from being up north for 3 1/2 weeks over the holidays, I've had an awful cold. A lot of time has been spent posting and surfing the web because I just haven't felt up to doing anything but just sitting ... puttering ... and sleeping.

In my wanderings on the web I saw a call for postcards for wounded soldiers on Mary Ann's weblog. For a few days now the thought of making some for this cause has been niggling its way to the surface. Just today I'm feeling better and ready to "go". I pulled out this drawer full of trimmings from my "ortwork" quilts.
They had been saved with the plan to someday connect them all into one big quilt. Right now I feel inspired to play with these goodies and use them as the base for a bunch of valentine postcards for this cause.

For more information about this nationwide project click here. I hope you feel inspired to contribute, too.

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arlee said...

"Ortworks"--love that term--and now i know what all the pieces i've called "off cuts" are---and can be used for--thank you :}

Kay said...

Doesn't it feel good to use up little pieces of things? Often it's a good intention that never bears fruit, but you really did it this time!