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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just Sewing and Considering

The discharged black linen has been layered with other fabrics for reverse applique and is now fit into the previously empty spaces.
I'm sewing reverse applique blue spirals into a long horizontal strip. Left alone they get visually lost. Couching yarn around the shapes makes them noticeable ... but not too obvious. These spirals add subtle interest and a bit of complexity but remain in the background while functioning to get some bright blue over on this side of the piece.
Red is layered under the black linen in that upper left corner. I'm trying to think of the best pattern for that area ... something to soften that strong edge of the orange square.

I'm getting anxious to get this top portion puzzled out so smaller pieces can be stitched together into larger units. Then I'll be able to move everything up on the design board and figure out the bottom section. In my minds eye the proportion of the bottom has always been wider than the top one even though the photographs have pictured otherwise. As I've concentrated on each section, there's been thought and consideration about the whole piece.

I've created an album of photos that record the progression of this piece through my designing process. Click on the picture of the center square in this quilt in the sidebar. A new window will open in Picasa. There's a button to make a slideshow with captions.

Now to turn on that Packer/Giant football game. GO PACK!


arlee said...

So nice to see the process and "hear" your thinking about design processes and possibilities. I'm partial to spirals and love the exuberance of this, though it's a thoughtful piece too!

Karen said...

Wonderful how you have been sharing this with us. I especially like your corner blocks with the spiral knots and quilting. This is going to be a very special quilt!