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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

WooHoo! I Make Someone's Day

WooHoo! Judy of "in the Dyes" has bestowed the "You Make My Day" award upon me. Her blog, plus about seventy-five others, makes mine. I can't say that I read all of them everyday, but I do keep up with everyone's projects and activities on a fairly regular basis. Of all those bloggers who make my days, I find it impossible to select only ten to pass this award onto. Soooo, if you've gotten a comment or an email from me please know that "you make my day" and you deserve this award.

Thank you, Judy, and thanks to all of you who share your creations and lives with me.

Now, to share with you what I've been up to. The making of these two pieces gets me caught up in the block exchange I'm participating in with my SMQ Guild bee. Each of us makes a block in a theme and size of the recipients choice. There's one recipient every month.

Aurora Borealis - 10"x 7"
Castle Wall - 11"x 8 1/2"
Both are constructed in my "ortwork" technique. However, the top one has only silk roving under tulle ... no scraps or orts. Yarns create vines on the wall. These became the quilting lines across the face of the stones. Otherwise, I free-motion quilted around each one.

I was the first recipient and will post photos of the blocks I received tomorrow.


Karen said...

These are fabulous!Love the texture of them both and the colors of the Aurora! Wow!

Nellie's Needles said...

Those blocks were delivered today and were well received. I'll miss looking at them on my design board.