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Monday, January 21, 2008

Repeating Lines

Repeating details of lines and shapes is what I've been working on while the quilt is in small pieces.
There are a number of narrow stripes throughout the piece ... in the border print and especially in the center focus block. To repeat that design line I have couched a flat variegated red faux-suede trim through the center of all the yellow stripes. This is not only repeating the elements of line and red, but it also breaks up (interrupts) the width and prominence of the yellow stripes.
My block needs another posy in this half. I cut a circle of the base fabric and pinned it in place. Tomorrow I'll couch the yarn spiral over it. Notice the metal spiral paper clips hanging in the center of the broad brown stripe? Now that's a MUST! I have about of a dozen of them here. The rest of them are in Michigan. So I got online and ordered a box of 50 clips. The postage costs nearly as much as the product. Sigh! The peril of living in two different places is that what I need now isn't here, but there. Sigh!

I like the idea of continuing the red suede trim through the top of that "big" orange square over to the corner block. This helps to quietly define the border at the top. I'm still considering what to put in the area to the left of the orange square.
I use a fabric pencil to draw circles on the fabric to size the spirals in the spot I want them to be. The red reverse applique spirals were sewn within these drawn circles today.
It's coming along. I'm spending more time pondering than actually stitching. Both activities are part of the process ... part of the journey. As many of you know, the thinking, visual exploring, and "what if"ing parts can't be hurried. The sewing parts just take time and skill. I appreciate all of you who are hanging in there with me.


jude said...

i love how this is evolving it has a wonderful rhythm and a nice ethnic feel. i understand the "can't be hurried"...yes i do!

Joyce said...

I find your process fascinating and love what you've done so far.

teodo said...

Nellie I really like the corners you have done,
and is very interesting to see the album you have put on the right side.
Have you cut your block in small pieces?
ciao ciao

Waltraud said...

It is great to see the wonderful development!

Nellie's Needles said...

Yes, Teodo, my block has been cut in half on the diagonal. The other half will get worked somewhere into the bottom section on the opposite side.

Frederique said...

Hi from the Marquesas Islands!
I love this project, and thanks to share you progress.
I added your blog to my blogroll (Blogroll Quilting & Patchwork) as I love all what you do!

Karen said...

I am really enjoying watching this all come together. The in progress step by step and ideas forming is wonderfully enlightening. Thank you Nellie!

Beverly said...

I find myself going back and forth between your photos- from the most recent, it is beginning to feel more cohesive to me- without me being able to articulate specifically why! I can see that the red couched on the yellow stripes makes a real difference. Thanks for sharing your processes and thinking--

Amy said...

The piece has a great rhythm and excitement. I too do much pondering over my quilting. I have an elliptical trainer set up at the far end of my studio with a clear shot of my design wall. So for 30 uninterrupted minutes each morning (well most mornings) I ponder and sweat.