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Friday, January 11, 2008

My Blocks in the Bee Exchange

These are the 8 blocks that have been made for me by the SMQ Guild members of Thursday Bee. My theme request was "spirals" with no limitation for size. Another requirement for all of us, other than making one a month, was that the blocks be layered and quilted.

by Tone - 9"x 9"
by Patty - 11"x 11"
by Jane - 12" x 9"
(the black things are cut up spiral binding for notebooks and the blue background is an "eyelash" fabric)
by Sheila - 11" x 11"
(she designed the b&W fabric)
by J.C. - 12"x 11"
by Sandy - 12"x 12"
One of our members, Christine, moved away. She is selectively contributing blocks to the themes that tempt her to play. She likes spirals and I'm the happy recipient of two blocks from her.
by Christine - 11"x 11"
by Christine - 5"x 5"


Rayna said...

What a wonderful collection of blocks and how lucky you are to have them!
Spirals are the most energetic and happy symbols around - I hope you will show us what you do with them, Nellie.

P.S. - Judy is so right - your blog is a pleasure to read.

Lisa said...

They look like fun. What will you do them?

Joyce said...

All I can say is WOW! I love the b&w fabric designed by Sheila. I have a collection of b&w but none as nice as that one.

Kay said...

These are wonderful. I particularly like the wit of the spiral notebook pieces. And I agree with Rayna that you are lucky not only to have these blocks, but to have such a creative group work with.

kay susan said...

Wow! These are all fabulous. What a talented group!

Karen said...

FUN!! I love spirals and these are all so fantastic!

Sharon said...

So, do you join the blocks after they're already quilted? Do you just make them small quiltlets? What's next with them? I love them all - and you are so lucky to have those bees!