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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Robins and Their Tree

Yesterday it rained hard in the morning and then another storm came in the afternoon.  Lee just happened to look out of our bedroom window to check on the babies in the nest to see this.

The mother Robin making herself as large as possible to protect her brood.  Her wings and tail feathers were fanned out and all the others ruffled so she completely covered the nest.  I grabbed the camera and took the photo above through the window.  Then I ducked out in the rain to snap this one.
The mother really is not very large.  Especially with all the work of keeping those three fast growing babies fed and protected ... from me.

Her nest in this tree really is high off the ground.
 And the tree has a dense canopy.
I love that the robins chose our beautiful Maple tree and built their nest where we are privileged to see them caring for their young.  Soon we'll be watching flying lessons.



How lovely to be able to watch this so closely.

Vicki W said...

She's such a good mother!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I have a wreath on the small wall next to my front door on the front porch. A robin made a nest in it. Usually we are out there and see it start and keep pulling it out so she goes elsewhere, but this year we did not notice her building it until there were 3 eggs inside. So now we have to be super careful going out the front door and try not to sit out there at all until she hatches these.
I had a planter under it but I moved it because I am afraid the nite cats will come up there and kill the babies if they can jump up on the planter to get to them.

Then I watered one of my ferns to find a purple finch with a nest. She had 4 eggs and then there were 4 other eggs and I knew right away they were those of the cowbird. So I pulled them out of the nest because I knew once they hatched her own babies would be pushed out or killed by them.

You just have to watch over mother nature sometimes.

Heather said...

Birds and other small creatures seem so fragile yet must be quite robust to cope with all that nature throws at them. I bet you wished you could fix up an umbrella for Mrs.Robin and her brood. She's very obliging in chosing your tree for a nest site and thankyou for sharing your great photos.