Nellie"s Needles

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two Have Left the Nest

This morning I came down to find the biggest, bravest Robin chick perched high on an African mask in the courtyard.  He must have had a good night in spite of being on his own for the first time.
When I came back from fixing breakfast, I couldn't see him anywhere.  A lot cheeping caused me to look up into the tree.  By golly, there he was.  I ran up the stairs to take his picture from the deck.
He flew to another branch, but missed it and ended up back down in the courtyard.  In the meantime, one of his siblings was looking bright eyed and doing a lot of cheeping.
 In a few minutes time he was making a big fuss and doing a dance of wing flapping on the edge of the nest.  This time my husband got to see a baby fly out of the tree.  It caught the tail of a bird sculpture on the way down.
This new little flier spent very little time down in the ivy.  He seemed strong while the other bird appeared to stop trying to make it back up into the tree.  I felt a need to do something.  So, I opened the courtyard door.  The biggest one would venture out to sit on the copper sculpture for a bit and then hop back into the courtyard.  After a while a parent bird enticed them into the bushes.  The last I saw of these two, they were flitting about with their parent in the stand of evergreen trees near where we park our car.
The smallest chick has the nest to himself.  How long will it be there?  I don't know how all three of them had fit in there before the first one left.


Heather said...

Your courtyard is the ideal place for fledglings learning to fly with all those lovely sculptures providing safe landing places and perches. No wonder the robins chose it for their nest. Thanks for the updates.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

This story is just so grand. I think they are really taking a tour of your gallery of fine art!

My robin's nest is still 3 eggs. They have not hatched yet. I am hoping to get some pictures but since it is by my front door I can not view it from the house. If I go out, the mother is not happy and lets me know it. I should get an opportunity when she leaves to hunt for food later on.

June Calender said...

One of the most ancient adventures and it still fascinates -- learning to fly, like a human baby's first step. Love your pictures.

Unknown said...

Thanks for taking us on the adventures of tiny steps; the finches outside of my bedroom window are still sitting on their nest. What a great courtyard you have. and thanks for the comment on my blog; it's been great getting to know you and your art as well.